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ShofarDomain is designed to fill a vacuum of underlying technology required to make the Internet truly autonomous and remove central authority.  It is based on and embedded in the ShofarNexus project that allows for simple, reliable, secure, and anonymous communications on the web.  It one of the base requirements for the ShofarPortfolio project to bring secure and anonymous communications to the web.

ShofarDomain operates the “.own” TLD with the intent of making a loud stand that domains can be owned and not just rented.

ShofarDomain is NOT a central authority and seeks to work well with all TLD using our technology or someone else’s.

ShofarNexus is an intended freeware application designed to allow independent family run enterprises to act as autonomous providers of secure communications and data storage services that thwart monitoring and traffic analysis.

ShofarNexus has been in development since 1998. We have examined and discarded a massive number of technologies and business models to arrive at what we believe are solid principles. We are driven by the following ideals:

A Passion for Excellence

There is a difference between doing something the typical way, my way and the best way. When my way is unexamined, then we are simply driven by ego. If you are an engineer, scientist, artist, athlete, chef, etc. you can succumb to the typical group thought or you can pursue a better way. The incremental steps, when slight improvement is found, provide an inexplicable joy and fuel to press on even more.

The performance levels we have achieved in software with ShofarNexus™ have distanced ourselves from the typical and fueled our desire to press on.

A Love of Freedom

Success has no meaning where there is no possibility of failure.

The Glory of God

We are unashamedly Christian. This is the seed for us to pursue excellence and freedom.

A Consortium, not an Organization

ShofarPartners is a consortium of separate individuals and companies providing products and services using the common bond of the ShofarDirector™ software suite.

ShofarNexus is a suite of tools and services for acquiring, archiving, distributing and presenting information and media.

The ShofarNexus™ software is public domain

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